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Improve structure & properties with Polymeric Microspheres

Posted by Mark Elve on Aug 26, 2020 2:57:37 PM
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Dualite unexpanded vs expanded microspheresPolymeric Microspheres provide unique physical characteristics and properties in a variety of products. The following is a list of a applications and the possible results using polymeric microspheres.

Ultra-light clay added microspheres has the following advantages:

  1. Increase volume while decreasing density and costs
  2. Increase formability with better elasticity and plasticity
  3. Decrease tackiness and increase compressibility
  4. Reduce shrink and increase shelf life
  5. Enhance color quality
  6. Increase softness tensile strength
  7. Reduce kneading and mixing time

Emulsion Explosives:

  1. Since the microspheres are an organic substance they act as a reductant in detonation
  2. Increase long term stability under various climate conditions
  3. Increase compressive strength

Lightweight cement:

  1. Voids by the microspheres prior to the curing of the cement improves the frost resistance and durability of the cement
  2. Higher compressive strength
  3. Lower density and weight equals lower costs

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Hollow Ceramic:

  1. Increase pore volume when using foamed (unexpanded) microspheres mixed in ceramic materials
  2. Uniform pores
  3. Reduces cracking and deformation during the sintering process
  4. Control porosity and pore structure
  5. Reduce density

Depending on your application Dualite Polymeric Microsphere can improve your products structure and  properties. In many cases they can reduce the cost and weight of products without compromising physical properties. If you are interested in discussing what Dualite can do for your application, please contact Chase Corporation.

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