How to Get the Most Out of Branded Packaging

Posted by Layla May on May 15, 2023 10:41:38 AM

At first glance, it may seem that paper-based products will eventually become obsolete in the digital age. However, market trends and data indicate that the paper and printing industry is still highly relevant, especially concerning packaging needs. Packaging is used for a wide range of products like envelopes, mailers, and even soap wraps to provide protection during transport and handling. Additionally, product packaging is a vital commodity for most businesses due to its ability to offer efficient product storage for shipping as well as security and tracking. 

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Topics: Water resistant paper, Branding, Packaging

Printing Hang Tags to Last: Thermal and UV Testing

Posted by Layla May on Apr 11, 2023 3:31:56 PM

If you’ve ever had a hang tag on your car, you know how quickly it can degrade. Being exposed to harsh UV rays and cold temperatures can make colors fade and tags can become brittle. ID tags are also put through a great deal of exposure on a daily basis, especially when worn on the outside of a wallet (access key cards, for example). As such, these types of products need to be durable and long-lasting; and of course, you’ll want them to look professional for a very long time.

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The Secret to Good Printing on Grease-Resistant Paper

Posted by Layla May on Mar 27, 2023 10:32:34 AM


Finding a grease-resistant paper that is also easy to print on 

Grease-resistant paper is simply a type of coated paper designed to resist grease and oil. It is often used for a variety of purposes including soap wrappers, envelopes, warehouse tags, restaurant placemats, menus, or even to-go containerinsertsat fast-food establishments.

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Why the Right Paper Outcompetes its Competition

Posted by Layla May on Mar 9, 2023 3:36:04 PM


There's a myth that all printer-compatible papers are the same. This couldn't be further from the truth. In actuality, there is a wide range of characteristics and applications for different types of printer-compatible paper types, and this varies depending on the user and their needs.  

Read on as PaperTyger explains why it is the superior paper choice for your business to print in-house.

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Topics: Laminated Paper, HP certified, HP indigo

How Paper Quality and Composition Impacts Digital-to-Print Designs

Posted by Layla May on Feb 15, 2023 9:34:26 AM

You’ve just finished creating your incredible design and now it’s time to print it! As professional designers know all too well, the quality, finish, and type of paper you print on will directly impact how your final design looks.  

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Topics: durable paper, Synthetic paper, Branding

Introducing Gemini Perfect Pattern™ by PaperTyger

Posted by Layla May on Jan 24, 2023 10:34:26 AM

Picture this: you just ordered new signage to install in the front window of your business. Upon receiving your new sign, you quickly realize you’ll need a professional to help you install it. Not only is it difficult to align, but it’s also time-consuming and requires expert precision. When your design is delivered, you expect it to be printed to scale in the size you requested, but applying the design can create a whole new host of problems. This task is a whole lot easier and more cost-effective if the packaging has built-in markers for placement or stud locations.  

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8 Secrets to Building Better Business Cards

Posted by Layla May on Jan 9, 2023 2:57:26 PM

In the era of technology and social media, many professionals question the necessity of modern-day, physical business cards. While people often connect on platforms like LinkedIn, traditional business cards remain a straightforward way to create an excellent first impression. To this day, they remain a staple in creating a strong business brand. Read on as PaperTyger shares why business cards are still as relevant as ever, with some tips to make them effective. 

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Topics: Business Branding, business cards

4 Traits to Making a Successful Product Manual (Catalog)

Posted by Layla May on Nov 16, 2022 2:09:33 PM

A product manual is a type of marketing collateral that lists essential product details, helping
buyers make a purchase decision. These details include product features, descriptions,
specifications, price, color, customer reviews, and more. Essentially, anything that is a relevant
selling point is important to add.

Creating an effective product manual is easy to do and allows potential clients to take a look at your offerings in one centralized location. Building a strong product manual creates the opportunity for you to showcase your offer(s) and clearly list the components of each product you’re selling. A well-built guide provides clients with a streamlined experience with no surprises. A well-designed product catalog is just one of many decisions a business makes when establishing their brand. They may also consider signage and custom packaging.

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Topics: durable paper, resistant paper, Product Catalog

The 5 Essential Signage Needs for Any Brick and Mortar Business

Posted by Layla May on Oct 27, 2022 3:32:50 PM

Most, if not all, brick-and-mortar business owners need physical signage in their places of business. From building evacuation guides to hours of operation, signage is an integral part of an effective office or store. We define signage as the tangible signs or plaques that are adhered to the wall to label rooms and direct people within the building. Signage is also used outdoors to label your office with your branding.

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Topics: Signage, Business Branding

Capitalize on Better Branding Opportunities with Custom Packaging

Posted by Layla May on Sep 22, 2022 9:34:21 AM

Custom packaging doesn't need to cost a fortune to find success. Cost-effective wrapping paper is an excellent packaging solution for businesses. Let's look at a few reasons why branded paper packaging elevates business marketing.
Read on as PaperTyger highlights 3 key benefits of using a wrapping paper design for your products.  

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