RFID Cover for Passports Explained

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Jun 29, 2021 9:30:00 AM

These days, criminals don't just reach into a back pocket or bag, they steal information by simply passing by with a handheld RFID reader too. What does this mean, and how can we protect ourselves? Introducing RFID Blocking Covers.


What is RFID or RF Identification?


RFID, or radio-frequency (RF) identification, uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track objects. Many IDs you carry daily, like credit cards, your driver's license and your passport include information-packed microchips. An RFID reader can skim this information from a distance, and steal it. This is why several companies have introduced RFID-blocking passport and credit card covers that are made of a radio wave-blocking material to keep these possessions safe!

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