RFID Cover for Passports Explained

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Jun 29, 2021 9:30:00 AM
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Passport pictureThese days, criminals don't just reach into a back pocket or bag, they steal information by simply passing by with a handheld RFID reader too. What does this mean, and how can we protect ourselves? Introducing RFID Blocking Covers.


What is RFID or RF Identification?


RFID, or radio-frequency (RF) identification, uses electromagnetic fields to identify and track objects. Many IDs you carry daily, like credit cards, your driver's license and your passport include information-packed microchips. An RFID reader can skim this information from a distance, and steal it. This is why several companies have introduced RFID-blocking passport and credit card covers that are made of a radio wave-blocking material to keep these possessions safe!


Discover ðŸ‘‰ðŸ‘‰how RFID shielding works



Do I need RFID protection for my passport?


The majority of passport holders now own an ePassport, a chipped passport that stores information about you. You can identify an ePassport by the icon near the bottom of the cover that resembles a camera. The electronic chip in your passport works with RFID scanners. This means official officers can scan your document with an RFID reader and use the embedded data to ensure that you are whom you say you are. 


But this also means that anyone who has an RFID scanner can do the same. They can steal your information stored here including your name, address, nationality, digital photo, and so on. They can even do this from a few meters away! 


By simply using an RFID passport cover, however, will keep your private information safe from this identity theft. Furthermore, there are cost-effective materials for this too, like PaperTyger RFID, which remains the number one choice for RFID shielding barrier applications. Better safe than sorry!


Credit cards appear to be the most vulnerable to RFID skimming. Learn how to avoid credit card skimmers


PaperTyger Durable Paper


PaperTyger offers durable RFID blocking material for wallets, purses, passport sleeves, and cardholders. Learn more about the other useful properties of our laminated paper including water and tear-resistance, which makes it an effective material to protect important documents such as passport covers.

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