The Hidden Dangers of RFID Chips

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Apr 7, 2022 12:00:09 PM
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In our ever-evolving world, we carry many IDs that store personal information in microchips, like passports or credit cards.  

Microchips help us accelerate activities, like buying or registering, by using radio waves to automatically send the necessary information to whoever is scanning. This process uses RFID, or “Radio Frequency Identification.” With just an RFID scanner device, officials at airports or stores can receive the information they require from microchips using radio waves. 

Your name, picture, age, nationality, bank data (and so on) are shared in the blink of an eye. While this process is effective and fast, it comes with some substantial drawbacks. 

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Stealing Personal Information with RFID Skimming

Electromagnetic fields generated by RFID devices are a large step forward in technology. It eases our lives and is an invaluable way to store important information. However, it comes with a cost. By using a small and inconspicuous device called a skimmer, criminals can easily scan and steal your confidential information, just as easily as an approved official, with you being none the wiser. But how do they do this? By capturing the information stored on your RFID microchip. 

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Even though the chances of this occurring aren’t as high as a typical scam, why risk it when the stakes are so high? Information from ePassports can be used for many types of fraud, as they can even steal your photo. Protect yourself by using an RFID shield, and travel without inconvenience or fear. Furthermore, if you’re carrying or posting an object with an RFID chip, investing in a cost-effective application to protect you from this occurrence could save you a lot of stress. 


Stay Safe from RFID Skimmers

PaperTyger RFID is a durable paper that acts as a shield, blocking the electromagnetic waves your microchip emits so skimmers and hackers won't be able to steal information. PaperTyger RFID has created the standard and number one position for the RFID shielding barrier. Our product is used for many applications within the RFID segment, including credit/debit sleeves, passport sleeves, envelopes, badge holders, and is the preferred shielding membrane for RFID-enhanced wallets, clutch bags, and luggage. 

Our RFID product range has a multi-ply laminate which creates a security barrier to prevent RFID detection, while not compromising the microchips function. Don't forget, our durable paper offers light-weight, water-resistance, durability and the superior printing and converting benefits of the traditional PaperTyger line of product.  

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