Enhancing Shipping Label Reliability with Durable Paper

Posted by Layla May on Apr 25, 2024 3:27:05 PM

In the fast-paced world of transportation and logistics, where precision and durability are paramount, businesses rely on a myriad of documents, labels, and packaging to maintain seamless operations. These essential materials, often subjected to harsh conditions like moisture, extreme temperatures, and rough handling, demand a robust solution. Durable printing papers, like PaperTyger durable paper, therefore, emerge as the unsung heroes, ensuring the continuity of operations such as this with a plethora of benefits.  

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How the Manufacturing and Design Process Impacts Paper Quality

Posted by Layla May on Mar 25, 2024 9:34:26 AM

Specialty paper is a realm of paper manufacturing that caters to diverse needs, offering exceptional characteristics that set it apart. Among these specialty papers, PaperTyger stands out as an exemplar of innovation and technological prowess. With a legacy of over 70 years, Chase Corporation has been at the forefront of producing protective materials for high-reliability applications.

PaperTyger, their flagship product range, showcases the pinnacle of their expertise in creating high-quality, technologically advanced, and cost-competitive laminated papers. Employing a patented, solvent-free laminating process, PaperTyger products are tailored to excel where durability is paramount. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the intricate details of PaperTyger's advanced manufacturing process, uncovering the secrets behind its durability and resilience. 


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5 Types of Durable Print Applications for High-Quality PaperTyger Paper

Posted by Layla May on Feb 29, 2024 11:08:18 AM

PaperTyger by Chase Corporation provides high-quality, durable paper-based materials that are ideal for a wide range of applications. The unique features of PaperTyger make it an excellent choice for industries that require strength, durability, and liquid resistance in their paper products. PaperTyger specializes in producing high-performance papers that are highly competitive with their fully synthetic counterparts.

This paper employs a patented paper-film-paper construction that allows it to function as real paper (because it is!) while still maintaining durability to withstand harsh environments. This makes PaperTyger ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor design projects. This blog will look at the common ways PaperTyger paper is used in practical environments.

Read on to learn about the diverse range of applications for PaperTyger paper, each with its unique features and benefits.

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Improving the Restaurant Experience with High-Quality Menu Paper

Posted by Layla May on Jan 26, 2024 10:37:47 AM


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Safely Ship Envelopes with Sturdy, Water-Resistant Board Mailers

Posted by Layla May on Nov 10, 2023 7:30:00 AM

PaperTyger is a type of paper product that is specifically designed to be durable, water-resistant, and tear-resistant. It is made with a thin layer of synthetic material between two layers of paper. This unique combination of materials creates a product that is both strong and versatile, making it an ideal material for board mailers and envelopes. 

 Read on as PaperTyger explains the benefits of our mailers and why they are the solution for a variety of shipping purposes.

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Breaking Down the Most Common Durable Paper Applications

Posted by Layla May on Sep 18, 2023 11:40:29 AM

Common Applications for Durable Paper

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Choosing the Right Protective Materials for High-Reliability Printing

Posted by Layla May on Aug 23, 2023 10:12:29 AM

What is a High-Reliability Paper? 

High-reliability paper is a top-quality, long-lasting paper designed for applications that require resilience. High-reliability paper can be made from an array of different protective materials. It’s often used for brochures, posters, and other marketing materials because of its superior durability and quality when compared to regular printer paper.

PaperTyger prides itself on creating a patented construction of real paper with an inner layer of film, providing durability and compatibility for a wide range of applications including envelopes and mailers, business signage, product manuals, soap wrapping, and more. 

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6 Critical Traits for Successful Wide-Format Printing Applications

Posted by Layla May on Jul 31, 2023 11:47:38 AM

Choosing a suitable material for wide-format applications is crucial to ensure exceptional quality and durability. Wide-format applications are inherently visible, being posters, billboards, and other massive branding opportunities. As such, it's essential that these visual displays look as good as possible and have the durability to create a long-lasting impact. Among the many options available, PaperTyger emerges as a formidable choice, presenting a host of advantages that propel it to the forefront of the industry.  

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How Paper Quality and Composition Impacts Digital-to-Print Designs

Posted by Layla May on Feb 15, 2023 9:34:26 AM

You’ve just finished creating your incredible design and now it’s time to print it! As professional designers know all too well, the quality, finish, and type of paper you print on will directly impact how your final design looks.  

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4 Traits to Making a Successful Product Manual (Catalog)

Posted by Layla May on Nov 16, 2022 2:09:33 PM

A product manual is a type of marketing collateral that lists essential product details, helping
buyers make a purchase decision. These details include product features, descriptions,
specifications, price, color, customer reviews, and more. Essentially, anything that is a relevant
selling point is important to add.

Creating an effective product manual is easy to do and allows potential clients to take a look at your offerings in one centralized location. Building a strong product manual creates the opportunity for you to showcase your offer(s) and clearly list the components of each product you’re selling. A well-built guide provides clients with a streamlined experience with no surprises. A well-designed product catalog is just one of many decisions a business makes when establishing their brand. They may also consider signage and custom packaging.

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