Breaking Down the Most Common Durable Paper Applications

Posted by Layla May on Sep 18, 2023 11:40:29 AM
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Common Applications for Durable Paper

PaperTyger's range of durable paper products caters to various applications that demand materials of the highest caliber and reliability. If you require a sturdy surface with a captivating appearance to create products like race bibs, posters, or general signage, PaperTyger is the ideal choice. 

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Racing bibs for triathlons and marathons 

For triathlons, marathons, and other racing events, PaperTyger offers an exceptional option for crafting racing bibs. Our cost-effective, water-resistant, and tear-resistant materials are made to endure the most challenging conditions, thanks to our revolutionary paper/film/paper laminate that provides durability comparable to synthetic materials. 

Our patented lamination technique produces products that feel, look, and perform like paper but are more resilient to wear and tear. We do not use solvents during the process, providing a unique and innovative alternative to synthetic papers and other tear-resistant products. Furthermore, our laminated papers do not require ovens to cure or burn off solvents, nor do we use water-based adhesives, resulting in higher stability and quality of our laminated papers. 

Unlike synthetic papers, which require special coatings, inks, settings, and plates, PaperTyger's high-quality surface eliminates the need for special inks or setups. The paper is capable of producing vivid images and fine details in graphics, resulting in less waste and quicker drying times, translating into cost savings without compromising quality. 


Outdoor posters, signage and more 

When it comes to outdoor posters and signage, PaperTyger is an excellent option. It is long-lasting, weather-resistant, and can produce signs that will stand the test of time. PaperTyger materials have undergone rigorous testing, and they do not fade, crack, or warp in high temperatures or humidity levels, making them ideal for use in applications such as hang tags in cars. 

PaperTyger tag testing showed that they maintained their structure, shape, and vibrancy of colors during thermal cycling tests, and they did not show any bubbles or lifting when exposed to UV rays, proving that PaperTyger laminates are strong, durable, and built to last. 

Hang Tag Paper

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Law Labels for Mattresses  

The legal requirements around labeling can be complex and stringent regarding the manufacturing and production of mattresses. A mattress law label is a mandatory piece of information that needs to be included on every mattress, and this information includes the manufacturer's name, model number, date of manufacture, and information about the contents of the mattress. To solve this requirement, PaperTyger has developed a product designed to make the process of creating mattress law labels more efficient and cost-effective. 

PaperTyger's Product F6386 has been approved by the Division of Industrial Compliant for mattress law label production. The product is a heavyweight durable paper that has been manufactured using PaperTyger's patented process, which produces an alternative to synthetic paper and other durable media products with the printing characteristics of paper. One of the main advantages of using PaperTyger's F6386 product is its durability. It offers a level of durability that is comparable to synthetic materials, which are traditionally used for law-label production. However, unlike synthetic materials, PaperTyger's F6386 can be printed with a wide range of technology, which makes it a more cost-effective option for many manufacturers. 

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