How PaperTyger Substrates perform better than Synthetics

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Aug 24, 2020 11:15:00 AM
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Drake Graphics Case StudyAn Interview with Mathew Behning of Drake Graphics Groups discussing PaperTyger’s Outstanding Printing Performance, comparable to synthetics


This month we interviewed Mathew Behning Founder of Drake Graphics Group who offer a variety of printing technologies available from HP Indigo to letterpress. Behning, who has spent his entire life in printing with 25+ years’ experience explains why PaperTyger runs comparable, if not better, then synthetics when running a sheet through the press. 


When looking to run PaperTyger, what were your expectations and did it meet or exceed them?

My first thoughts revolved around three questions:

  • Would the material run through a digital press without issues?
  • Would the substrate be able to be treated for digital presses?
  • Would the dot on the substrate look good?

After running the sheet through the press, PaperTyger’s products met my expectations for treatability, runnability and image quality. It was exactly the performance I was hoping to achieve.


How did it run when compared to other similar substrates?

I’ve run other substrates from PaperTyger as well as from competitors before. Across the board, PaperTyger’s speciality materials ran comparable, if not better, then the synthetic competition. I didn’t notice any stretch in the PaperTyger material which is sometimes an issue with synthetics.


Would you be confident offering PaperTyger to your customers as a replacement for a synthetic?

Absolutely! I currently run your RFID paper for the majority of my PaperTyger product consumption, but when a project calls for a synthetic material, PaperTyger substrates are my first choice.


What applications do you think PaperTyger is best suited for?

Tags, maps, menus…anything that needs to be done on a durable substrate. It performs exceptionally well.


In consideration of your regular purchase of RFID, do you see any potential in expanding this to other PaperTyger products? 

If I need a durable or niche product as I do with the RFID, I would select a PaperTyger product.


What would we need to do to help expand this business?

My customers have their needs and considerations, so it’s finding the right material to create the perfect product. When I have those unique situations needing a unique substrate, I would contact PaperTyger first for your support and material performance.


Behning enjoys pushing the limits of technology to ensure his customers stay on the competitive, cutting edge side of the printing world. He recently managed the print of our free COVID-19 Poster printed on PaperTyger Durable Paper



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