PaperTyger, a Cost-Effective Alternative to Synthetic Durable Materials

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Jun 7, 2022 11:27:33 AM
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Synthetic Alternatives

Looking for durable paper material for your mailers and envelopes? With the shortage of synthetic materials, PaperTyger is a cost-effective and durable alternative. If you're searching for a suitable synthetic replacement for your mailers and envelopes, read on to learn why PaperTyger is the solution.


Why PaperTyger for envelopes and mailers?

PaperTyger is a high-quality material manufactured in the USA. This product is durable, and it is certified by Digital Presses, Wide Format, Ink Jet and HP Indigo. 


Some benefits of using PaperTyger for envelopes and mailers are:

  • It can produce vivid images for graphics;
  • Envelopes or insertable mailers will be protected against tears and water;
  • Offers exceptional endurance;
  • PaperTyger is 60% lighter and 65% thinner vs. clay mail board envelopes. Therefore, more packages require less space and 600% less weight on trucks saving gas and labor cost during transportation;
  • Minimizes manual work due to it already being laminated;
  • Prints like real paper, with no special ink or printing processes because it IS REAL paper on both sides.

You can read more about PaperTyger's benefits for this application including Cenveo’s® DURAGUARD™ Envelopes and Mailers right here.


PaperTyger as an alternative for synthetic materials?

PaperTyger products are as durable as synthetic papers but with the benefits of being REAL paper on both sides. What makes PaperTyger durable, is the inner layer of plastic film that helps it to be resistant to water, dust, tearing and grease. This is also due to its patented solvent-free laminating process, which means no manual laminating is required. This ensures the longevity and durability of the print!


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Some advantages of using PaperTyger as an alternative to synthetic materials are:

  • There is no need for drying times which accelerates printing;
  • Durable, resistant and cost-effective;
  • An inexpensive uncoated paper printing surface;
  • Ease of printing (no special ink or print set-ups);
  • Easily guillotine-cut, die-cut, scored, folded and glued;
  • FSC-certified, which means it is made from responsible sources;
  • High-quality material manufactured in the USA;
  • Certified by Digital Presses, Wide Format, Ink Jet and HP Indigo. 

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