Choosing the Best Mattress Labels: Synthetic Paper vs Laminated Paper

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Dec 8, 2021 2:07:36 PM
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Major mattress companies are choosing PaperTyger's high quality, technologically advanced laminated papers over synthetic flash spun material for mattress law labels.

What is Synthetic Flash Spun Material?

Flash spun material is a fabric-like nonwoven synthetic used for numerous applications including mattress labels. Non-wovens are made to be durable using short fibers, typically bonded with heat or chemicals. They have high tensile strength and are waterproof. However, there are drawbacks to using synthetic papers, and major mattress companies have switched from using this material to PaperTyger durable printing papers instead. 

Why Laminated Papers over Synthetics?

PaperTyger Law Label material is a heavyweight, durable paper manufactured as an alternative to synthetic paper and other durable media products. It has the characteristics and benefits of real paper because it IS REAL paper on both sides. PaperTyger is also compatible with all Major Laser Mattress Law Label software programs used in the mattress industry. Learn more about PaperTyger for Mattress Law Label.


Discover the Benefits of using PaperTyger


There are also distinct advantages to printing with PaperTyger paper and not synthetic products, especially for printers or converters that use paper as their main raw material:


Synthetics typically require special inks, settings, plates, profiles, and workflows and need prolonged drying times after printing. This makes synthetic products less cost-effective. So, in cases where strength is important and value pricing is key, PaperTyger is the way to go

Outstanding Printing Performance

According to Mathew Behning of Drake Graphics Groups, PaperTyger has outstanding printing performance, comparable to synthetics. Behning says, "I didn’t notice any stretch in the PaperTyger material which is sometimes an issue with synthetics."  

Due to its ease of printing, PaperTyger is a durable product that can be printed and converted in-house, unlike its synthetic competitors. Major mattress companies can therefore utilize thermal transfer printing for their applications.

The Benefits of Thermal Transfer Printing

Thermal printers have a variety of advantages for companies that need to print high volumes of labels. Thermal transfer printing can create high-resolution labels without using liquid ink, making thermal printers more environmentally friendly than other printers. They can also print much faster than traditional inkjet or laser printers, in addition to being more durable.

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