5 Types of Durable Print Applications for High-Quality PaperTyger Paper

Posted by Layla May on Feb 29, 2024 11:08:18 AM
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PaperTyger by Chase Corporation provides high-quality, durable paper-based materials that are ideal for a wide range of applications. The unique features of PaperTyger make it an excellent choice for industries that require strength, durability, and liquid resistance in their paper products. PaperTyger specializes in producing high-performance papers that are highly competitive with their fully synthetic counterparts.

This paper employs a patented paper-film-paper construction that allows it to function as real paper (because it is!) while still maintaining durability to withstand harsh environments. This makes PaperTyger ideal for use in both indoor and outdoor design projects. This blog will look at the common ways PaperTyger paper is used in practical environments.

Read on to learn about the diverse range of applications for PaperTyger paper, each with its unique features and benefits.


PaperTyger Indigo  

One product type offered by PaperTyger is the PaperTyger Indigo line, now stocking 13 x 19 digital size sheets in each paper grade. This paper prints like real paper, with the durability of synthetic paper. It is specifically designed for digital printing, making it an excellent choice for printing high-quality images and graphics.

PaperTyger Indigo is compatible with a range of printing technologies, including HP Indigo Digital presses; 7000, 5000, 5500, 5600 multi-shot, 7500, 7600, 7800, 7900, 10000 & 12000. It can be used for different types of printing as well, including inkjet printing, wide format, laser printers and copiers, flexography, and even screen printing.

This paper is tear-resistant, waterproof, and can withstand exposure to sunlight and chemicals, making it perfect for applications such as manuals, outdoor signs, and product labels. 

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PaperTyger Wide Format 

As the name suggests, this paper is specifically designed for wide-format printing applications, such as posters, banners, and other large-format prints. PaperTyger Wide Format is compatible with both aqueous and solvent-based inkjet printers, making it a versatile choice for printing a wide range of designs. It is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and can withstand exposure to sunlight, making it an excellent choice for outdoor applications. 

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PaperTyger Ink Jet 

PaperTyger Ink Jet is a Chase product that is the result of a collaboration between PaperTyger and Mitsubishi Paper Mills (MPM). This high-performance paper is designed for use with desktop inkjet printers, making it a cost-effective option for producing high-quality prints. It is a durable paper solution that delivers optimized print performance on inkjet printers including waterbased, HP PageWide, Memjet, and Latex. PaperTyger InkJet is compatible with both dye and pigment-based inks, making it a versatile choice for printing a range of designs. The paper is waterproof, tear-resistant, and can withstand exposure to sunlight, making it an excellent choice for printing documents such as maps, manuals, and product labels.  

Hang Tag Paper

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PaperTyger RFID 

Finally, PaperTyger offers PaperTyger RFID. This paper type is specifically designed for use with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. RFID technology allows for the wireless identification and tracking of objects as well as protection from information theft and scanning.

PaperTyger’s RFID line creates a barrier designed to prevent RFID detection. This makes it an ideal choice for applications requiring protection from RFID scanners, such as passport and credit card sleeves. PaperTyger RFID meets FIPS 201 requirements and has been tested by independent laboratories thus supporting the benefits that PaperTyger RFID provides for effective shielding at various HF and UHF frequencies. 

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PaperTyger Law Label 

The requirements for labeling in the manufacturing and production of mattresses can be challenging due to their complexity and stringency. The mattress law label is a necessary piece of information that must be present on every mattress, which includes the manufacturer's name, model number, and date of manufacture. In order to comply with these legal requirements, PaperTyger has created a product that streamlines the process of producing mattress law labels, making it more cost-effective and efficient. 

PaperTyger's F6836 product has been approved by the Division of Industrial Compliance for mattress law label production. This heavyweight and durable paper is manufactured using PaperTyger's proprietary process, which produces a viable alternative to synthetic paper and other durable media products while retaining the printing characteristics of paper. 

One of the key benefits of using PaperTyger's F6836 product is its durability, which rivals that of synthetic materials traditionally used for law label production. However, unlike synthetic materials, F6836 can be printed using toner/laser printers, making it a more affordable option for many manufacturers. 


In addition to the numerous product types mentioned above, PaperTyger also offers a range of custom solutions to meet specific customer requirements. These solutions can be tailored to meet specific printing, durability, and environmental requirements, making them an ideal choice for a range of industries.

Overall, PaperTyger product lines offer a range of high-performance real papers that print like paper, have the longevity of synthetics, and are specifically designed to meet the needs of a wide range of applications. They are durable, tear-resistant, waterproof, and can withstand exposure to harsh environments, making them an ideal choice for a range of industries, including marketing, manufacturing, retail, and logistics.

Whether you need a durable paper for printing graphics, large format prints, or RFID tracking and protection, the PaperTyger product line has a solution that will meet your needs. 

Not sure if PaperTyger is ideal for your business? We take the guesswork out by offering free samples to ensure PaperTyger will be most suitable for your requirements. 

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