Printing Hang Tags to Last: Thermal and UV Testing

Posted by Layla May on Apr 11, 2023 3:31:56 PM
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If you’ve ever had a hang tag on your car, you know how quickly it can degrade. Being exposed to harsh UV rays and cold temperatures can make colors fade and tags can become brittle. ID tags are also put through a great deal of exposure on a daily basis, especially when worn on the outside of a wallet (access key cards, for example). As such, these types of products need to be durable and long-lasting; and of course, you’ll want them to look professional for a very long time.

PaperTyger laminated identification tags were tested against an alternate waterproof synthetic medium used by an industry competitor. This medium, comprised of single-layer uncoated film, is considered to be extremely strong and durable. Tags made with PaperTyger were lab tested against this product.

The final results showed that PaperTyger performed as well as, or better than the control samples.

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Designing Hang Tags to Last

Many laminated products, especially ID tags and hang tags, are exposed to elements over a long period of time. Parking tags that hang on the front mirror of a car, for example, will be subjected to UV rays all day long. Since PaperTyger is committed to the quality of each product, these tags were tested for durability and longevity under extreme conditions.

Results showed that PaperTyger laminate is one of the highest quality durable papers on the market; as such, it is the preferred choice for ID tags and hang tags. The PaperTyger tags not only maintained their structure and shape and vibrancy of colors during thermal cycling tests, but also didn’t show any bubbles or lifting when subjected to UV rays. This shows that PaperTyger laminate is durable, strong, and long-lasting.


Thermal and UV Testing

Two tests were conducted, one to determine laminate durability under extreme temperature conditions, and one to determine performance when exposed to UV rays.

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Temperature Test:

Laminated identification tags were tested at temperatures representative of the extremes the laminates would see while deployed, -20°F to 182°F. This was done using a lab-grade thermal shock chamber.

Tags were put under four hundred (400) cycles at each extreme with an average dwell time of 20 minutes at each temperature extreme.

Samples were then examined for delamination and any other observable defects, such as bubbling or color fading. None were observed on any of the samples tested.

This test is a simple way to measure the quality of a laminate. It's also great for comparing different brands and types of laminates to that of PaperTyger.


UV Exposure Test:

A fresh set of laminated identification tags were subjected to UV light exposure. UV exposure was tested using a Fusion Systems F300 mercury vapor lamp. Two rounds of testing were done on these tags against the competitive sample. Tags made using Paper Tyger showed no damage from UV exposure. The competitive tag showed some bubbling within the construction following the second UV exposure cycle.


PaperTyger laminated paper is a reliable, high-quality product.

PaperTyger laminate is a high-quality product made from a durable material. The PaperTyger laminate is waterproof, tear-resistant and maintains color vibrancy. It's also durable enough that it won’t fall apart or wear out over time, even when exposed to extreme conditions.

This makes PaperTyger laminate an ideal choice for any business or organization looking for an affordable solution for company identification cards, access key tags, parking tags and more while ensuring that cards maintain a professional appearance over time.

As shown in the above results, PaperTyger laminated tags are durable and can withstand the elements better than synthetic alternatives. These results showed that PaperTyger laminated tags are in fact difficult to destroy even after being exposed to high heat and freezing temperatures as well as UV rays.

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