How the Manufacturing and Design Process Impacts Paper Quality

Posted by Layla May on Mar 25, 2024 9:34:26 AM
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Specialty paper is a realm of paper manufacturing that caters to diverse needs, offering exceptional characteristics that set it apart. Among these specialty papers, PaperTyger stands out as an exemplar of innovation and technological prowess. With a legacy of over 70 years, Chase Corporation has been at the forefront of producing protective materials for high-reliability applications.

PaperTyger, their flagship product range, showcases the pinnacle of their expertise in creating high-quality, technologically advanced, and cost-competitive laminated papers. Employing a patented, solvent-free laminating process, PaperTyger products are tailored to excel where durability is paramount. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the intricate details of PaperTyger's advanced manufacturing process, uncovering the secrets behind its durability and resilience. 


Unique Design and Composition 

The distinct construction of PaperTyger involves a paper-film-paper setup, which offers unique advantages in terms of durability, printing capabilities, and converting processes. This construction is particularly well-suited for applications where the product is not exposed to harsh elements for extended periods.

Let's explore the key aspects of PaperTyger's design: 

  1. Paper Base: At the surface of PaperTyger construction is a layer of high-quality paper. The paper used in this setup is selected for its strength, thickness, and smooth surface. It provides the necessary surface for the overall product, imparting stability and allowing for ease of printing. 
  2. Film Layer: A thin layer of film is added between the real paper surfaces. The choice of film material ensures specific application requirements are met to achieve desired characteristics like water resistance, tear resistance, and clarity. 
  3. Adhesive Bonding: The solvent-free lamination process plays a pivotal role in the creation of PaperTyger. By employing advanced adhesive technology, the paper and synthetic film layers are expertly bonded together. This technique ensures a strong and permanent connection while preserving the paper's suppleness. Precision and expertise are required to maintain uniformity throughout the lamination process, resulting in a consistent and reliable product. 
  4. Printing Advantages: The paper-film-paper setup of PaperTyger allows for excellent printability. The smooth surface of the paper base provides a receptive canvas for printing various types of images, text, and graphics. The combination of paper and film also ensures that ink adheres well and produces vibrant, high-quality prints. 

PaperTyger's paper-film-paper construction is a carefully engineered setup that combines the strengths of paper and film to create a durable and printable substrate. Its design allows for efficient converting processes and is favored for applications where moderate durability is required, and extended exposure to harsh elements is not a concern. Whether used in packaging, labels, tags, or other applications, PaperTyger stands out as a versatile and reliable solution. 

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Converting and Finishing Techniques 

Another significant advantage of PaperTyger's construction is its suitability for converting processes. Converting refers to the various operations involved in transforming the raw material into the final product, such as cutting, folding, and creasing. The paper-film-paper construction offers excellent dimensional stability, which simplifies the converting process and leads to precise, consistent results.  
PaperTyger presents some additional products too, including RFID. This paper range is crafted with a multi-ply laminate, incorporating a specialized security barrier to effectively prevent RFID detection. Alongside its lightweight, water-resistant, and durable attributes, PaperTyger RFID retains the exceptional printing and converting advantages characteristic of traditional PaperTyger offerings. 

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Quality Control and Testing 

Throughout the manufacturing process, stringent quality control measures are in place to ensure that every master roll of PaperTyger meets the highest standards. Precise measurements, visual inspections, and performance tests are conducted to guarantee consistency and reliability. Parameters such as tear strength, low curl, folding endurance, and printability are carefully evaluated to ascertain that PaperTyger performs exceptionally in various applications. 
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Advanced Manufacturing and Expertise 

In the world of specialty paper manufacturing, PaperTyger reigns as a true symbol of innovation and excellence, standing as a pinnacle of technological advancement in laminated papers. Its paper-film-paper setup, carefully designed and bonded with precision, offers unparalleled durability, printing capabilities, and converting advantages. From packaging to labels, PaperTyger is a versatile and reliable paper solution that makes it an excellent choice for applications requiring both strength and aesthetic appeal. 
Let PaperTyger unlock a new realm of possibilities for your applications, leaving a lasting impression with its exceptional quality and performance. Try a free sample before you buy here. 

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