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Peel Adhesion Testing in 3 Steps

Posted by Paul Barkley on Feb 19, 2019 7:00:00 AM


Image: Electronic scale to measure peel

A common request by our customers is to perform an infield test on a wrapped pipe to confirm that the tape system has been applied correctly and the tape is performing as per design.

 The “peel test” is a typical industry standard procedure that offers the opportunity to see under real conditions that the tape has been applied correctly.

According to the manufacturer, the adhesion should be cohesive (see photo 1) and should adhere to both the substrate and the pipe itself.

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Topics: Pipeline coatings, Anti-corrosion tape, "Peel Test"

How to Remove Bitumen-based Pipeline Coatings

Posted by Paul Barkley on May 9, 2018 11:59:31 AM

Over the years, several customers have requested information on how best to remove the Serviwrap or Maflowrap PVC/bitumen tape from a wrapped pipe. They are looking either to refurbish the pipe or modify the pipe run and are considering ways to clear the existing pipe protection.

Whilst this is an understandable request, it is not the easiest task to undertake because a key property of the Serviwrap and Maflowrap PVC/bitumen tape systems is that they adhere extremely well to pipes and are designed not to be removed. However, our recommendation on how best to undertake this operation is based on several factors:

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Topics: Bitumen Coatings, Pipeline coatings

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