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10 reasons Why Polymeric Microspheres Add Value to the Composite Industry

Posted by Mark Elve on Sep 26, 2018 10:00:00 AM
Mark Elve
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big cruise liner at open seaThe composite industry is highly competitive and wrestles with a number of variables in production. Examples are long exotherms and surface roll-out times.  In post - production part fabrication, machinability issues can occur with cracking from brittle parts along with constant blade wear.  Polymeric microspheres address these issues along with reducing part weight and costs.

  1. Weight Reduction – By adding as little as 2-3% by weight, you can reduce your parts weight by 20-30% or more depending on if you are using a neat or filled system. Weight reduction also reduces product “slump” on vertical surfaces.
  2. Cost Reduction – Microspheres have a low-gallon cost verses polyester resin. The more you use, the more you save.
  3. Exotherm – Because microspheres provide good insulation, they absorb heat and reduce exotherm, allowing you to increase your cycle times.
  4. Surface – Since microspheres are ultra-lightweight, they migrate toward the part’s surface, promoting a smoother exterior on the finished part.
  5. Impact – Due to  microspheres being plastic and flexible like tiny balloons, they absorb energy / impact, protecting parts from cracking or breaking.
  6. Machinability – Microspheres permit easier cutting and offer screw-hold ability because of their flexible nature.
  7. Hot/Cold cycles – During these phases, composite materials tend to expand and contract, causing strain, which may lead to stress fracture damage to the product. Since microspheres are flexible in nature, they afford   parts the ability to withstand expansion and contraction stress.
  8. Pumping – Polymeric microspheres will not adversely affect your pump seals as do rigid fillers, the use of which leads to premature replacement.
  9. Sprayable – Microspheres are sprayable and work well under shear.
  10. Roll out – Microspheres reduce air entrainment and help lessen roll out of the composite surface.

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Dualite logoThe composite industry is one example of a manufacturing arena in which Dualite polymeric microspheres shine. There are numerous others. The product offers a wide variety of applications and is beneficial to an assortment of markets including but not limited to adhesives, coatings, inks, explosives, and health care products.

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