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Posted by Mark Canrobert on Mar 21, 2018 10:00:00 AM

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We hope by now that you have heard that Stewart Superabsorbents (SSA) is now a part of the Chase Corporation family of companies!

Located in Hickory, North Carolina, SSA is the preeminent supplier of superabsorbent polymers (SAP) to the North American wire and cable market. Additionally, Stewart provides technical support for research, development, design, testing, and product implementation to both end users and component suppliers that want to add superabsorbent functionality to their products. SSA has an established history of providing outstanding customer support to all supply partners. We react quickly to changing customer requirements while supplying customized value-add solutions.

"This merger uniquely positions Chase as your “one-stop source for your cable materials”

Established in 1946, Chase Corporation is proud to serve a global customer base, making a material difference every day among industrial and consumer sectors across a diverse range of markets. Chase is the home of trusted high-quality, high-performance tapes and sealants used to insulate, bind, waterblock and shield both energy and communication cables.

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Our extensive range of products includes …

  • shielding tapes for electronics and communication building wire products,
  • energy products including coated textile products and strand seal compounds,
  • and water blocking tapes, strandfill compounds and superabsorbent polymers.

 More specifically our water blocking solutions now include …

  1. Water blocking tapes
    1. Woven and non-woven
    2. Single and double sided
    3. Insulative tapes
    4. Semi-conductive tapes
    5. Waterblock coated shielding tapes
  2. Superabsorbent powders
  3. Waterblocking hot melts
  4. Waterblocking yarns
  5. Strandfill compounds
    • Chase BlH2Ock®

For more information on any of these materials please contact us. 

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