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Protect Bridge Decks with Rosphalt®-Modified Asphalt Overlay

Posted by Ben Shterengarts on Sep 8, 2022 2:06:09 PM
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Preservation of bridge decks from roadway salt and water penetration can be accomplished using various types of deck sealers: waterproofing membranes, concrete overlays, polymer overlays, and asphalt overlays.

A strong maintenance plan keeps the bridge deck in service as long as possible by performing minimal repairs. Ideally, the use of an overlay results in the longest service life for the lowest cost, both in terms of money and downtime.

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Benefits of HMA: Hot-Mix Asphalt Treatment

Bridge deck protection treatment with a thin Hot-Mix Asphalt (HMA) overlay remains a popular choice during bridge deck maintenance planning or rehab projects. The HMA overlay is a good choice for a deck that is structurally solid but requires some surface improvement such as abrasion resistance and ride quality.

The HMA bridge overlay project can be done in one day by milling and paving the bridge on a high-traffic highway. This can be a critical factor when deciding what type of overlay to use.

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Additionally, certain asphalt mixes containing polymeric additives can become impermeable to water and resistant to rutting and shoving. The thermoplastic polymeric additives combined into the HMA mix at the plant will increase the fatigue life of the regular mix as well.

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Rosphalt SG:  A New Solution

The new Chase Construction Product’s asphalt additiveRosphalt SG is an economical solution for a one-step waterproofing course for bridges, parking decks, and other high-traffic loading areas. The dry powder polymeric additive is combined in an asphalt plant with a heated aggregate and liquid asphalt. The property of the mix can be confirmed by rutting and cracking performance tests specified by the agency.    

Rosphalt being added at a Hot-Mix Asphalt batch plant

Rosphalt being added at a Hot-Mix Asphalt batch plant

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For more on asphalt additive Rosphalt products and what they can do for your next construction project, please visit the Chase website at

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