Does PaperTyger Print and Convert Like Paper?

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Jan 15, 2021 7:53:30 AM
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2 workers chatting while arraging paper mills and converting papersIn short, yes! One of the most significant advantages of PaperTyger products is the ease of printing and converting. PaperTyger is manufactured by a patented, unique, solventless laminating process that ensures it prints and converts like ordinary paper, with the added benefit of comparable durability to synthetic applications! The range of our high quality, technologically advanced, cost-competitive papers gives our customers more application options than ever. Read on to discover more benefits of using PaperTyger products:



  • There are no special inks or setups required, and no prolonged drying times which could add cost;
  •  PaperTyger performs well on all offset litho printing equipment using conventional inks;
  • PaperTyger performs well on a wide variety of equipment such as office and desktop printers, copiers and commercial digital printing presses;
  • PaperTyger can be litho pre-printed then laser secondary printed for applications where variable print at point is required;
  • PaperTyger converts like paper, as illustrated on the converting techniques below that include:
      • Guillotine, sheeting, and trimming
      • Roll slitting
      • Die-cutting
      • Hole punching and drilling
      • Perforating
      • Folding
      • Gluing and bonding
      • Sewing and grommeting
      • Foil stamping
      • Embossing


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Because of its manufacturing process, PaperTyger looks, feels and performs like paper – with added durable resistance to tearing, moisture and greasy substances. Typically, synthetic papers require special coatings, inks, settings, plates and have prolonged drying times. Therefore, our paper/film/paper is a preferred choice for applications requiring durability where the product isn’t exposed to the elements for prolonged periods. Our laminating method requires no ovens to cure or burn off solvents and doesn’t use water-based adhesives either, which means our laminated papers are more stable.



Each PaperTyger product has unique characteristics that make it better suited to certain needs. Be sure to visit our Products Page for more detail on what product is most suited for your application. For more information about whether your application suits our durable paper, please contact one of our paper experts! If you have custom requirements, we are happy to work with you directly to create a perfect solution.


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