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Formulating with Polyurethane Dispersions: What Are My Options?

Posted by Dan Griffin on Aug 5, 2020 9:49:27 AM
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Chemist formulating optimial polyuretane dispersions formulaFormulating with PUD Dispersions

Water-borne polyurethane dispersions (PUDs) are some of the most versatile and effective components available to formulators of coatings. Their wide range of available properties can provide your finished coatings with critical properties including:

  • Scratch, scuff, and mar resistance
  • Water and chemical fluid resistance
  • Durability including resistance to cracking
  • Adhesion and wetting properties

And many others….

These valuable properties are obtained through manipulation of soft and hard components within the polymer backbone combined with precise control of molecular weight and particle size. As a result, our polymer chemists have developed a full range of products critical within markets such as:

  • Concrete top coats and sealers
  • Industrial and residential wood flooring
  • Furniture coatings
  • Hospital and health care flooring

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So What Chemistries Are Available in PUDs?

The chemistry of PUDs has evolved, and there are a number of options available based mainly on needs regarding performance as well as specific preferences and regulations that may exist. Each category is capable of achieving similar performance, the choice in each case revolves around considerations of VOC, NMP, and TEA content.

  • Standard Water-Borne PUDs
    • These products utilize small amounts of co-solvents NMP and TEA to aid in dispersion and film formation. VOC content typically 200+ grams per liter.
  • Very Low VOC Water-Borne PUDs (NMP Free)
    • These products use solvents including TEA to aid in dispersion which is then stripped almost completely in subsequent processing. VOC content typically less than 50 grams per liter.
    • These products use an alternative, less regulated and environmentally impactful co-solvent along with TEA. Addresses concerns about NMP content. VOC content typically 200+ grams per liter.

Chase Corporation, Westwood, Ma. Founded in 1946 is a leading manufacturer of industrial products for high-reliability applications with a global customer base operating in diverse market sectors. Chase specializes in the manufacture of waterborne polyurethane dispersions supplied to formulators for industrial, consumer coatings, and adhesives providing waterborne solutions. Our outstanding manufacturing and technical support groups can provide your organization with a reliable global supply, unmatched quality, and superior technical support.

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