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How to Avoid Bubbles in Reactive Urethane Floor Coatings

Posted by Rick Ackerman on Sep 3, 2019 10:30:00 AM

Moisture cure urethane (MCU) floor coatings are the ultimate protection from dirt and contaminants, while providing long-lasting wear and pleasing…

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Topics: Polyurethane Dispersions, Waterborne Urethanes, Urethane floors

Durable and Safe: The Next Generation of Water-Borne Urethanes

Posted by Rick Ackerman on Jun 19, 2019 2:39:57 PM

Coatings formulators and manufacturers of protective and decorative coatings are often forced to make compromises. Ideally any protective coating will…

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Topics: Concrete coating, Polyurethane Dispersions, Waterborne Urethanes, Coating Formulators