Chase Corporation Takes Over Mohawk's PaperTyger Product Line

Posted by Chase Corp Editor on Sep 14, 2020 1:31:13 PM
Chase Corp Editor
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PaperTyger Announcement


Chase Corporation, the leading manufacturer of protective materials for high-reliability applications has announced that they will be taking over the Mohawk PaperTyger product line. Under the agreement, Chase Corporation will begin supplying distribution customers of the PaperTyger line with the full range of PaperTyger durable papers directly. 


“Chase Corporation will be stepping in to continue supplying Paper Merchants with the quality and service that they have relied on for years. As we continue to look for strategic growth in our PaperTyger business, we remain committed to our core customers in the commercial printing market. A key consideration is the high level of service Paper Merchants deliver to its customers, who will see a seamless transition” said Mark Weibel, PaperTyger’s National Sales Manager


PaperTyger products are a range of high quality, technologically advanced laminated papers with a focus on cost-consciousness. They are suitable for a wide range of applications where the integrity of the material is paramount. Manufactured by a patented, solvent-free laminating process, all PaperTyger papers are designed to be durable. 


“We greatly appreciate our relationships with Paper Merchants and print community, and are deeply committed to our PaperTyger product portfolio to meet the needs of existing and emerging print technologies," said Ethan Franklin, Chase Corporations Business Unit Manager.

Available in multiple basis weights and thicknesses, PaperTyger is stocked as folio and cut-size.


The transition to PaperTyger has begun immediately with distributors nationwide.


For further information, please contact Mark Weibel, PaperTyger’s National Sales Manager:



Cell: 262-893-0919

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